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At DimiLiaZone14 we succeed because we position our customers, suppliers and stakeholders to win. We are a dynamic organization that specializes in establishing robust global supply chains for high value products, serving the industrial, agricultural and wellness markets.

Our team of experts are located in the United States, Europe, South-East Asia, East Africa, West Africa and South America.

Lithium, Steel, Used Cooking Oil, Timber, Titanium, Zinc, Metals, Energy

Coffee, Ingredients, Sweeteners, Wine

Vitamins, Collagen

our approach

We partner with customers and suppliers to:

Identify critical global and regional market trends

Develop jointly and implement plans to deliver materials & services

Conduct geopolitical risk analysis and implement risk management plans

Eliminate supply chain constraints

Implement sustainability plans

Optimize cost-in-use customer and supplier performance

Supplier selection

Supplier certifications

Effective negotiations to create value for all stakeholders

Inventory control

Global logistics arrangements

who we are

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Developed by CEO Marino Papazoglou, the fundamentals of business is a series of charts and graphs that make up the foundation for any successful business.