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liquid cane sugar

Liquid Cane Sugar is one of the most important ingredients in a wide variety of industrial food and beverage applications. We take pride in providing access to top-quality and reliably sourced liquid cane sugar.

The largest advantage of utilizing liquid cane sugar over granulated varieties is that the crystals have already dissolved. Additionally, our liquid sugar has been pasteurized and filtered to ensure it is completely sterile. As a result, clients do not need to worry about purchasing equipment that is responsible for filtering or pasteurizing liquid sugar, saving time and money.

refined vs unrefined vs raw cane sugar

Though commonly misunderstood, refined, unrefined, and raw sugars are distinct.

Unlike the name seems to imply, Unrefined Sugar is slightly refined. However, it comes from freshly harvested cane sugar. Additionally, unrefined cane sugar has enough molasses content to tint the sugar brown and emit a strong flavor. Organic unrefined sugar is made according to the NOP standards discussed above

Raw Sugar is significantly more refined than Unrefined Sugar, containing less molasses content. Organic raw sugar also must comply with the previously aforementioned standards.

Refined Sugar is produced from raw sugars to remove impurities. Due to processing methods, refined sugar cannot be labeled certified organic.


Actual Cane Sugar Syrup is made from 100% sugar cane with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Liquid Cane Sugar is made by dissolving purified crystalline sucrose in heated water, which is then filtered, cooled and stored.

The exacting chemical, physical and microbiological standards of this sugar make it ideal for use in products whose formulation requires limited processing.

available sizes

5 gal pail
55 gal drums
275 gal totes
45,000 lbs. truck/Flexitank

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